By Tyler Sullivan

Wacky Style Fishing: A Fun and Effective Approach

Wacky style fishing, a technique beloved by anglers for its simplicity and effectiveness, stands out in the fishing world. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual weekend fisherman, understanding and mastering this unique style can greatly enhance your fishing experience.

What is Wacky Style Fishing?

Wacky style fishing primarily involves rigging a soft plastic worm in a manner that makes it look 'wacky' or unusual. The worm is hooked in the middle, causing both ends to wiggle enticingly in the water, mimicking the movement of live bait.

The Right Equipment:

To get started, you'll need a few key pieces of equipment:

- Soft plastic worms, preferably in natural colors.

- A light to medium action spinning rod and reel.

- Wacky rig hooks or circle hooks.

- Optional: O-rings or wacky rig tools to prolong the life of your worms.

Technique Tips:

- Cast your line and let the worm sink slowly, its unique action often triggers bites on the fall.

- Use a subtle twitching motion to make the worm dance in the water, attracting nearby fish.

- Pay close attention to your line; often the bite is subtle.

Where and When to Use Wacky Style:

This technique shines in clear water conditions and can be effective around docks, weed lines, and submerged structures. It's especially useful during the spawn and post-spawn periods when bass are particularly active.


- Simplicity: Easy for beginners to learn.

- Versatility: Effective in various fishing conditions.

- Natural Presentation: Mimics the movement of real worms, increasing the chance of a bite.


Wacky style fishing is a fun, effective, and accessible technique for anglers of all levels. Next time you're out on the water, give it a try – you might be surprised at the results.

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