Our Story

That may not have been my biggest fish...But at least I caught something right?! 🤣

Why we started Outside Humor...

At Outside Humor, our journey began with a love for fishing and a passion for making people smile. We're more than just an apparel company; we're a story, a legacy, and a celebration of family, fishing, and laughter.

A Family Tradition:

Our founder, Sully, grew up with a fishing rod in one hand and a sense of adventure in the other. Fishing was more than a pastime; it was a bond that connected generations. It all started with a humble father-son fishing trip that would change everything.

The Turning Point:

One fateful Father's Day, Sully and his dad entered a local fishing tournament. Little did they know that this event would ignite a lifelong passion. They emerged victorious, and that taste of success was like a hook in their souls.

A Quirky Twist:

During school, Sully had a knack for wearing T-shirts that could turn any classroom into a laughter-filled haven. His unique sense of humor was so contagious that friends even wrote it in his yearbook. Fishing and humor had become intertwined in his life.

Bringing the Laughs to the Lake:

Now, Sully gets to share that love for fishing and laughter with his own family. Whether it's casting lines in search of sharks, battling the mighty bluefish, or landing largemouth bass off Grandparent’s dock, every moment spent by the water is a cherished memory.

Our Mission:

Outside Humor was born out of a simple idea – to combine the joy of fishing with the magic of humor. We create fishing apparel that not only keeps you comfortable and stylish on your angling adventures but also brings a smile to your face.

Join Us on the Journey:

We invite you to be a part of our fishing family. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice with a curious spirit, Outside Humor is here to celebrate the joy of fishing, the beauty of laughter, and the timeless connections made by the water's edge.

So come on, cast your line, and be a part of our story. We promise, there's a lot more to come, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Tight lines and big laughs,


Outside Humor Founder and below average fisherman

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